Welcome to the official website of the soccer team of Sant'Angelo Lodigiano (Lodi - Italy).
The soccer team of Sant'Angelo, founded in 1907, has reached the highest levels in the period since 1975 until 1985.
In the 1970-71 the youth team of Sant'Angelo won the title of  Italian Champion.
In the 1973-74 season Sant'Angelo was promoted in Serie C (third division), where remained for ten seasons.
Remembers in particular the match S. Angelo - Monza championship Serie C 1974-75, played at San Siro stadium in Milan for the first time available for a match of Serie C. Spectators were approximately 25,000. Sant'Angelo is the only team (besides Milan and Inter) to have played an home match at San Siro stadium.
After disputed the championship Serie C, from 1984-85 season until today, the history of Sant'Angelo was characterized by amateur championships.
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